Tune-Ups & Safety Checks

Safety checks will give you the piece of mind you need to feel safe on your ride, while tune-ups will make you feel like your bike is new again. Service is first come first serve so bring your bike to us ASAP and we'll get you rolling again.



Adjustments and flat repairs can normally be done on the spot. Just drop your bike or tire off with us, walk over to Starbucks and grab a refreshment, walk back, and, boom, you're ready to go.


Tires & Tubes

We carry a wide variety of tubes and tires in stock including puncture protection options to help you in your battle against the dreaded goathead thorns. Tubeless tire set-up and tubular tire installation also available.


Builds & Packaging

Bikes are awkward and big, so shipping or traveling with one can seem daunting. We'll make it easy for you. We box bikes in bike boxes with packaging to keep bikes safe. We can also ship the bike for you to take one more thing off your plate.

Did you buy a bike online or just moved to the area and had your bike shipped here? Bring your boxed bike to us and have one of our professionaly trained mechanics build it right the first time.


Cleaning and Lube

Sometimes all it needs is a good cleaning and some lube to keep it going. We can give your bike a detail or you can find the supplies and tools to do it at home. Talk to our mechanics about how to keep your baby rolling better, longer.