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OneUp Components EDC Tool V2

OneUp Components EDC Tool V2
This item is currently not available.


- The EDC (Everyday Carry) tool contains essential trailside tools and can be stored in your steerer tube/stem or EDC pump for easy access. Plug kit (OU9505) can be added to fix punctures quickly
- Updated EDC tool is easier to remove from storage, has an updated, more durable steel chain breaker and stronger steel spoke keys
- Multi-tool features: 2,3,4,5,6,8 hex keys, T25 Torx, flathead screwdriver and EDC top cap tool. Ultra compact and super lightweight (58g)
- Tire lever/chain breaker also features 0, 1, 2 & 3 spoke keys, Presta valve core remover & spare rotor bolt
- Carrier features: spare quick link storage and ability to thread in a 12,16 or 20g CO2 cartridge OR a sealed storage capsule (small and large included)
- Small storage capsule stores the jabber and preloaded bacon strip keeping it stickier for longer and can be installed inside of large capsule for separating items. EDC tool with small storage capsule is small enough to fit inside 70cc pump
- EDC tool with large storage capsule fits inside 100cc pump as well as steerer tube storage options
- Backwards compatible with all EDC V1 tool storage options
- Steerer inner diameter must be between 24.25mm—24.80mm (gauge included)
- 130g total weight
- Third party online sales are strictly prohibited by manufacturer