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Hey gravity, we gotta talk.

You’re the reason downhills are fun.
You’re why almost crashing is such a rush.
And why grinding up climbs is so rewarding.

But this planet we share … it’s massive.
And we wanna see it all.
Do it all.
Feel it all.
And Gravity,
You’re holding us back.

You make us tired.
Knock us over.
Slow us down.
And dude, you’re relentless.

But imagine if we had the power to cheat you.
And the power to beat you.
Then we could ride further.
Climb higher.
Stoke harder.

We love you, Gravity.
But it’s time to dial you down,
and dial everything else up.
It’s time to get Extra.


Extra Fun

And you thought you had fun before…

We’ve found the power to cheat you. To climb higher. Ride farther. Stoke harder. More hoot’n. More hawler’n. Those butterflies in your stomach? Yeah, more of those too.

Extra Choice

10 Models. 3 Battery Capacities. Carbon or Aluminum – your call.

Gravity, you’re done dictating how we ride. Now, we got options …and putting up with you ain’t one of ‘em. We’re calling the shots now.

Extra Watts

Largest battery capacity in the game, and massive torque.

That power you’ve wielded with a sweat-drenched fist since the beginning of time? Yeah, we’re over it. It’s time to get extra.

Get Yours

Less talking. More riding. Find your VLT today.